The History Of Matesmadalina

I’m pretty sure that most of you knows perfectly this girl and the famous video recored in a Romanian beach. I posted the full video on Mega two months ago and titled “amazing latina ass busted“, but that’s not true. The truth is that she’s amazing, of course, but she’s not latina. This girl has been very popular in many candid websites and forums and some guys were too far getting crazy with her.

Well, the history about her started in Costinesti beach, Romania, where a candid forum guy recorded her and uploaded the video file but the forum got closed and the video file too. There was a mega link with password and everybody was very angry about it because nobody knowed the password. But the next years somebody found her Instagram called Matesmadalina and it’s still opened!

Surely, she will close her account soon or make it private to avoid rude guys, so be respectfull and do not bother her.

For those who don’t know this girl, here the video again:

Download: The History Of Matesmadalina.mp4


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  1. Why is the video not playing fully it just stops to buffer and then doesn’t play . Can anyone help me out . I was to see this awesome video

  2. Fuck yes dude, finally after a damn year of wanting to see this vid someone posted that actual vid instead of the mega link! Thanks man seriously!

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