JB Teen In Spandex Shorts Dancing

Download: JB Teen In Spandex Shorts Dancing.mp4


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  1. Heisenberg have you ever tried to open-shoot a candid like this? The dude filming it is just palming the phone and wasn’t busted, its incredibly difficult and he got some great shots.

    side note , tiktok is the greatest thing to happen for pervs this century. also who else is excited to see Cuties on Netflix? Trailer looks amazing

    • Lol you don’t know how to capture shit

      It’s so easy to capture naive JBs like this they have no clue

      All you have to do is fake some intrigue about what they’re doing, act like you have no idea what TikTok is about, and just creep shot the fuck out of them

      It literally doesn’t even matter if you get busted because 99.99% of the time they just try and walk away because they’re creeped out and even if they told someone it’s not like there’s solid proof lol it’s hardly worth chasing up just because someone’s phone was slightly pointing at you

      I’ve done plenty of really close up shots you just have to have some balls

      I would’ve used this app I’ve got that records front camera in the background, so I would’ve also gotten these teenie sluts to look at something on my phone, perhaps “hey can you search it on my phone to download it, I’m so bad with this stuff” and thus capture some good face shots too

      But yeah dude I’ve done plenty of intrusive candid shots it’s not as hard as you think, some of these shooters don’t give a F because they know if they got caught most likely the chick would just get creeped out and walk away from you and that’s end of story

      If you think it’s hard lol you would kill to see my personal shots because they are unbelievably intrusive on them I just force my way behind them and just get all kinds of angles

        • Be you

          > goes onto sexycandidgirls website to view creepshots

          > clicks on a JB creep shot video

          > chronically masturbates to same JB video

          > comments how disgusting someone is for saying what they’d do which is probably the same thing you were thinking while watching this or else you would never have wanked to the video in the first place

          > massive hypocrite

          You can’t be a creep and draw a line at where the creepiness ends. If you’re a creep, you’re a creep. You coming here to jerk your sorry little cock off to young sluts is no better than the person who filmed it and is 100% not better than others watching the same material and expressing their thoughts on it.

          Clearly you’ve never had a JB or you wouldn’t make such stupid comments. It’s obviously the cleanest best pleasure bro.

          Add me on Kik to exchange shots: DefinitelyNotChrisHanson


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