Pictures Rules:

  1. If you want to post 2 or more pictures of the same girl, use Gallery, not single image
  2. Use descriptive titles (Titles like ‘ass’, ‘sexy’, ‘young’, etc.. are not descriptive and won’t be approved!
  3. No borrow nor low quality pictures
  4. No selfies/Posing pictures, only candids
  5. We are not interesed in your GF/Wife pictures, only candids
  6. No fat girls or fat asses. We just don’t like it
  7. Rotate images before uploading if needed
  8. We accept young teens and JB, but please, don’t post kids. That’s unacceptable!
  9. Don’t spam your shitty website here. It’s totally useless and I will remove your user.

Video Rules:

  1. A video post it MUST CONTAIN at least one image, not a single link. (see example)
  2. Less 30 seconds video will not approved
  3. Vimeo and Youtube candid videos are forbidden
  4. We suggest to use services like to upload your videos


Top10 Rejected Post Reasons:

  1. Bad quality pics
  2. Ugly girls/body
  3. Borrow pics
  4. Rotated images
  5. Posting selfies
  6. Posting girlfriend pics
  7. Bad title post like “teen”, “hot ass” or “sexy”.
  8. Not candid pictures
  9. Fat asses
  10. Too young teens or kids

Remember to contact by email or private message if you have questions.