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  1. Perfect cum slut walking around with no panties and thong or a very skimpy one. Doing extra movements to make her ass jiggle just a little more. When i was teen my gf used to wear those type of shorts when i came around her house. It was for quick easy access, i pounded her many times around the house, while everyone was there. She always kept tissue in her pocket, so she can catch any cumm running down her leg from a recent pounding. Mom knew she was slutty to and had her on BC, my GF loved me shoooting my load in her. After the third round I was drained, i think her mom caught on to what we were doing and made sure she was dressed for company, when i came around. As usual dad had no clue, if he did i am sure me coming around would have stopped. Ahhh i miss those days of giving a good pounding and no strings.

      • Mmmm? “Virgin Hunter” you speak (text) as though you have great knowledge in this area. Are you sure this is not an outward cry of your situation and calling someone else out, when you are really talking about yourself. Anyone who hunts virgin for surely lives in their parents house top attic so they can watch the neighborhood virgins walk around and secretly jerk to them. A real man would want a experienced woman and not a virgin so he can caste his own mold deep with in her. Instead of filling up your jerk sock next to your night stand. It’s okay i understand your pain brother, you can use me as your punching bag. I was once a virgin too.

        • Please tell me this is a joke fam. I’m losing brain cells here. You literally just offered yourself as a punching bag for a virgin to vent his sexual frustration. This has got to be the wackest shit I have ever read

          • LOL ? well you know what they say, “if it’s on the internet it has to be true”. Dude why are you taking that convo serious, i am effing around. This is all for entertainment, get from under the rock of life and live a little. This is the internet, unless someone is talking about harming themself or others, take the rest of the shitt as serious as a grain of salt.

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