BestSelfieCollection-Candids of Girls I know

Here are some candid pics of a few girls I actually know in real life.

The first 2 are of a friends little sister. I couldn’t resist sneaking a quick picture of her; just the way her shorts are bunched up; making her butt look amazing. Plus that perfect gap makes her ass look even better.

The 2nd girl is a neighbor, I’m not sure her age but I would guess 14-17ish when I caught this pic,I happened to see her out shopping. I couldn’t resist checking her out up and down, with her cute tank top; shorts that remind us all she’s a cutie; and the cutest part of her perky butt slightly hanging out, just enough to look and enjoy.

The 3rd girl with tiny blue shorts and grey tank top caught my eye recently when at the store. I really liked what I saw; so she gets an honorable mention for that petite body.

Finally, our last girl makes the album because it was so unexpected. Her and I literally ran into each other coming around the corner of one of the aisles, I quickly apologized before realizing when she ran into me that I had felt her petite body push against me. But the quick touch and brush against her perky body was enough for me to capture a candid; I wonder if anyone else besides me will get off to these today?

Young JB's Candid Ass

Young JB’s Candid Ass

Lick that ass